Mateřská škola a Speciálně pedagogické centrum Jihlava, příspěvková organizace


We are the kindergarten and Special Pedagogical Center in Jihlava, Czech Republic. Our organization is   contributory  and consists of 5 buildings. We have 388 children here, who are divided into 19 classes. 

The kindergarten, which is located on Demlova street, is a barrier-free. Classrooms there are designed for the inclusion of children with disabilities and some additional needs. Our inclusive classrooms make all children feel valued, safe, welcome, and supported in their learning environments. During this school year, there is 1 regular class and  7 special classes for disabled children ( children who have special educational needs). 


In the kindergartens “Mashinka”, “Pohadka” and “Bystroushka”, we have just regular classes in which we integrate mildly handicapped children . It is based on the recommendations of the Special Pedagogical Center. “Mashinka” kindergarten has four classes. Also, there are two classes in “Pohádka” kindergarten. We want to provide a really good service, that’s why we work year-round. “Bystroushka” is a completely new kindergarten, and there we provide service, like a boarding kindergarten


An essential part of our organization is Special Pedagogical Center (SPC), which takes care of children with special educational needs, children with mental, physical, sensory, speech, communication , emotional and behavioral difficulties , visual or hearing impairment. Also of children with multiple disabilities and children with autism spectrum disorders

Přidáno 2. 8. 2023, autor: Hana Vařejková

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